Monday, 30 January 2017

Should Donald Trump be Invited for a State Visit to the UK?

My question is, why shouldn't he be invited for a State Visit as all other U.S. Presidents have been in the past.

Many may not agree with many of his policies, but then I haven't agreed with many of our own policies.  We have had many heads of state visiting us that actually totally ignore any form of human rights and democracy and we will continue to do so.  So it's ridiculous that the fact that Donald Trump has simply temporarily closed his doors to a handful of countries should affect him being invited for a state visit.

I do actually agree with him on this particular issue.  It is not Muslims he is stopping arriving on his shores, but those from countries where we all know terrorists and fanatics are actively seeking to infiltrate our own countries.  It just so happens that those countries are Islamic.  Muslims from other parts of the world are still welcome in America.

We British don't want terrorists and fanatics in our country, but due to being part of the E.U. we have no choice in the matter.

It's very hypocritical of some British people objecting to Donald Trump coming on a state visit when we have just voted to leave the E.U. in order to be able to pick and choose who we allow in.

What some don't seem to realise is that we are at war.  War calls for drastic measures.  Our top priority should be to protect our own.  During the world wars we didn't allow people from enemy nations to come over willy nilly and set up home.  In fact those that were already here were rounded up and put in camps for the duration.  Trump is simply enforcing a travel ban from those countries that at the moment are the most dangerous to American security.

On this issue I back him all the way.