Monday, 24 July 2017

Many Scientists and Teachers are Being Persecuted

If I were to write this as a normal post it would get very involved and long so I thought it best to write it as a sort of list.

1) 55% of Scientists believe in the theory of Evolution.

2) 45% of Scientists believe in the theory of Creationism.

As more and more proof is coming to light regarding man's time on the earth, the age of the earth, the age and how the universe may have come into being, more Scientists are changing their minds and leaning towards creationism.

1)  Scientists and archaeologists are given massive government grants to prove the theory of Evolution.

2)  Archaeologists have been faking findings by joining human and monkey bones together to try to prove the missing link just as their funding has about to run out.  These have ended up as fact in the text books. To name just two - Piltdown man and Lucy.  Both of these and more have been proven as fake.

As a set of skeletons have been proven as fake, museums have refused to take them off of show and are therefore encouraging the belief that they are close to proving the missing link.

3)  As mistakes are found school text books are not being changed and there have been many cases of teachers in many countries getting sacked for pointing out the mistakes in the text books to children.  Not teaching creationism but simply for giving the students the up to date findings.

4)  Many more teachers can't even find employment as teachers if they are found to be active Christians.

5)  Many scientists and archaeologist set out to prove evolution and their finding instead prove creationism but when they come back with the findings they are sacked, lose their funding and ostracised.  In other words, silenced.

6) Any findings of a scientist or archaeologist that in anyway leads away from proof of Evolution and towards Creationism is not allow to be printed as an official scientific paper.  That scientist or archaeologist will not only loose all funding but will then be ostracised and from then on find it hard to get a job.  Any hard piece of evidence is taken to the Smithsonian and hidden away.

7)  Catch 22 - Creationism is jeered at because no scientific papers have been printed about proof of findings yet no papers are allowed to be printed.

8)  There is no law or no court that has said that creationism can't be taught in schools but it mustn't be a mandatory subject,  yet if a teacher even hints that evolution is only a theory and not fact, they will be sacked and unemployable.

9)  Evolution is being taught from infancy in schools as certain fact and not just theory. 

Now for just a few facts out of hundreds that they don't teach or that they keep hidden, just to give you a taste of what they are lying about or encouraging us not to know.

1) Monkey skeletons were found in a cave with all of their heads smashed in and hand made stone age tools around them.

Explanation:  These could be the missing link between man and ape because the monkeys had learned to make and use tools.

Omitted:  Human bones had also been found in the same cave and even today there are tribes that eat monkeys and especially monkey brains.  The heads of the monkeys are bashed in to get to the brains.

2)  Stars are seen to be dying at a rate of 30 a year.  No one has ever seen a new star being born.  New stars being born is only a theory.  If stars are dying at such a rate and none are being born (which is logical if we came from a big bang as we are lead to believe) how come if the earth is billions of years old there are still so many stars?

Fact:  The universe simply can't be nearly as old as they are leading us to believe. 

3)  Due to erosion and water dragging salt from the earth by rivers into the sea, the sea is getting 3% saltier every year.  How come if after billions of years the sea is still not, as the dead sea is, so salty that nothing lives in it.

Fact:  The earth can't be nearly as old as we are lead to believe.

4)  Each year the moon moves 2 inches away from the earth.  If the moon has been circling the earth, as they say, for billions of years, how close to us was it in the beginning and why is it not further away than it is now?  If it had been even 50% closer the pull of gravity between them would have drawn them together.  That's without the affect it would have had on the water on our planet.

Fact:  The moon simply can't have been circling us for millions of years.

5)  Many scientists, archaeologists, and geologists have proven now that approximately 4400 years ago something happened to cause a world wide flood.  This flood would have caused mountains to rise and and valleys under the sea to come into being.  As mountains rose and sea became deeper this would have separated the lands and caused  the continental plates.

Fact:  Not taught and not recorded or papers written because it leans towards the story of Noah's Ark being true thereby leading people to think and investigate creationism as a possiblility.  Despite the fact that most cultures throughout the world including China, have stories of a world wide flood and of 8 people only surviving.  Each culture gives a different name (in their own language) to the man that built the Ark but the story is exactly the same.

I could write a massive list of lies given to us and information being kept from us, but you get the idea.

Why are they wanting us to believe evolution as fact?

Evolutionists and the powers that be want to eventually get the world population down to half a billion.  Because they believe in evolution they also believe that some humans, such as the Aborigines, the Blacks, the Jews, etc are sub-human and shouldn't exist.  They believe many races are still closer to apes than others.

The theory of evolution lead to Hitler, Stalin, Hideki Tojo, and many more killing millions of people simply because of the absolute belief they weren't pure humans but closer to animals than humans.

Every so often wars are deliberately started somewhere on the planet to reduce the population and gain more control.

Since evolution has been mandatorily taught in our schools from the 60s, crime, sexual diseases, abortions, unmarried mothers, young suicides, promiscuity, paedophilia, and goodness knows what else has risen by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of percent.

Generations now are being lead to believe that some are of purer races and some are of less.  They are taught that life on this planet is all they have so make the most of it and put yourself first before all others.

Creationism leads to order, morals, rules and contentment.  Evolutionism leads to immorality and chaos.

Once there is enough chaos governments can bring in their New World Order with no objection by the people as they will see it as bringing order from the chaos they simply can't tolerate anymore.

Think about it.  The LGBT have now got so strong that we are being forced to believe all that is normal - Same sex marriages - Paedophiles fighting to have paedophilia legally classed as a sexual preference and thereby protected.  Some countries are already lowering the age of consent down to 12.  Turkey for one.  And we dare not say anything about it for fear of being taken to court and being criminalised.

In some states in America they have the right to take children away from any parents that teach their children Christianity.  They want to control us, have the bringing up of our children, control our health, control the banks, control our beliefs and have a single world order, and even a single world religion.

I think people really need to think long and hard about what our society has come to and where it is going in the future.

Our world has got foul, disgusting, and violent, and we are keeping our mouths shut about it due to the names we are called if we disagree with any so called minority or because we think it isn't affecting us directly.

Evolution is a theory not a fact.  It's no different from any other religion.  The belief in evolution brought eugenics to every country in the west and we know where that lead and believe me that still isn't dead in the minds of many.  Evolution is racist like you wouldn't believe.

People need to start thinking for themselves and question what they have been programmed to believe.

If you look for the truth and for absolute facts, you will find more truth leading towards creationism than there ever is towards evolution.  Evolution would have you believe that your ultimate grandfather and grandmother came from a rock, and from there to some sort of slime soup and so on, rather than an intelligent designer.

Think about it.  Which sounds more ridiculous?

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

10 Differences Between Catholics & Christians

10 Differences Between Catholics & Christians

There are many, many other differences but these are the first 10 that come to mind. Do feel free to add any that you can think of.

Catholics Christians The Bible
1 Pray to God through Mary and the Saints Pray to God through Jesus John 14.6 - Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
2 Practice idolatry through praying to, and kissing the bones of the dead Popes and Saints as well as kissing the feet of statues Do not practice idolatry The 2nd Commandment - “You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it.”
3 The Catholic Church has removed the 2nd commandment and replaced it by splitting the 10th commandment into the 9th and 10th Christians have kept the 10 commandments as was given to Moses by God Deuteronomy 4.2 - "You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you".
4 The Church encourages confession to a Priest who will then give punishment and absolve sins. The Church does not take confessions or forgive sins but believe all should confess directly to Jesus Psalm 51. "No man can forgive sins. Neither has any man other than Jesus Christ, our High Priest, been given the office of mediator between mankind and God"
5 Display statues of Jesus as a baby in the arms of Mary - Thereby putting Mary above Jesus. Do not display any statues of Jesus The 2nd Commandment - “You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it”
6 Call Mary “The Mother of God” - thereby placing Mary above God Call Mary the Mother of Jesus - Blessed because she was chosen by God as the woman that was to give birth to Christ. Mary gave birth to Jesus before the Holy Spirit (God) entered into him. She did not therefore give birth to God.
7 Church members are strongly encouraged to tithe as a duty. Church members are not expected to tithe. But will give what they can afford from the heart. 2 Corinthians 9.7 - "Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver"
8 Create man made rules and laws and Practice rights copied into the church from the worship of the pagan sun god. Follow the Bible and Christ’s teaching only, with no deviation
9 Tortured and murdered millions of Christians and Jews throughout the ages including being part of the holocaust of WWII as the Catholic Church also wanted to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. Tortured and murdered no one The 6th Commandment - “You shall not murder"
10 Priests are required to be celibate, and the result is tremendous failures in the areas of adultery, fornication, and the sexual abuse of children. Christian Ministers are allowed and even encouraged to have a happy family life. Nowhere in the Bible does it expect, encourage or ask for priests or those teaching the word of Christ to be celibate.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Islam in Obama's America 2016 VS Islam in Jefferson's America 1770's.

This chap is an ex-muslim and has a great understanding of the politics of it.  He is very interesting to listen too.

Well, we all know that there have been questions about Obama by the American people since the beginning.

We know that in Islam part of their Qur'an is to teach the art of deceit.  To lie, lie, lie, if it benefits Islam.  In the Qur'an it's said that Allah is the greatest of all deceivers.  Who do the Christians say is the greatest of all deceivers?  Satan!

So is Obama still a Muslim I ask.  He is from Muslim parents and he says he is a Christian, but quite honestly if you look at the changes he caused in America during his terms of office, they weren't very Christian, in fact, the complete opposite.

I think the biggest self harm we are doing to ourselves in the west is secularism.  We are even allowing our churches and cathedrals to have other religion's services in them.  Eventually this will become the norm and Christian churches will no longer be Christian churches but buildings for all religious meetings.

We have taken Christianity out of our schools, out of the work place, and even virtually made the outward showing of Christianity by individual people illegal.

There has been a lorry driver that was forced to take a cross down that was hanging in his cab because it might upset the people he delivers to.

There was a small private hotel owned by Christians, that has now gone out of business because one of their terms was that unmarried people did not share a room.  A couple of gays deliberately booked a room to cause a massive legal battle that their rules were sexist and against Gays.  That legal battle drained the Christians of money that they lost their hotel and home.

Our laws protecting minorities are bringing the west down.  Our laws were layed down from Christianity, from the teachings of the Bible and Christ.  Our laws kept us safe, moral and decent towards each other.  But now that we are so secular our countries have become dangerous, immoral, and foul.

There comes a time when a country becomes so tolerant that it becomes as immoral as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and all the other isms and phobias we are accused of if we dare to disagree in any shape or form are all created to control us.

Everyone should be honest with themselves and openly say what they believe.

I don't agree with gay marriage.  I think it's the most ridiculous law that has ever been passed.  Marriage has always meant a joining of a man and a woman.  That doesn't mean I am homophobic.  I couldn't care less what sexuality people are.  It's their life and it's not for me to judge.  But, according to popularism I am against gays because I believe the Biblical term for marriage is man and woman.

I don't agree that we should be entertaining a third toilet in our schools and official buildings for mixed gender.  If you have a penis use the men's, if you have a vagina, use the ladies, it's as simple as that.  But then I am accused of bigotry against transgenders.  That's bull shit.  Once again I couldn't care less if someone wants to change their sex.

If people want to come into this country and live I don't care as long as they integrate and we aren't expected to change our laws to suit their culture.  If they want to live under their culture let them stay in their own countries.  I don't care if people are black, white or sky blue pink.  Neither do I care what religion they are, they could worship the sun and the moon for all I care, but don't expect us to change our own society to suit them.  But that seemingly makes me racist.

Xenophobic??  You bloody bet I am.  By definition a phobia is a fear.  Am I fearful of Islam?  I'm sodding terrified. It is not a hate crime to be phobic in any shape or form.

I never used to believe in satan, but if satan is the personification of evil then the Islamic Allah is satan and Muhammad was one of the Anti-Christs foretold to come after the birth of Jesus.  Joking aside here, and I might be sounding a bit dramatic, but if Allah is satan then surely we should all be terrified.

Does believing this make me hate all Muslims?  No of course it doesn't.  One can hate an ideology without hating the people.  In actual fact I truly feel so sorry for Muslims.  100s of thousands of them a year are secretly converting to Christianity at the risk of death.  When I say Christianity, I don't mean Catholicism, Anglicanism, or any of the other Christian "religions".  They are simply accepting that Christ was the Son of God or rather God in human form and they are now living as Christ preached.  Instead of hating everyone that isn't of their own form of Islam they are now loving everyone  Instead of believing all that aren't Muslim are fair game for death, mutilation, slavery and rape, they now know how wrong that all is.  Instead of believing that Mohammad was the last prophet, they now believe that he was a false prophet and so on.

True Christianity is not a religion.  All religions are man made dogma.  Christianity is simply believing that Jesus was the Son of God and was God in human form and that he did die on the cross for our sins and was resurrected on the third day.  It's as simple as that.

Christianity is not incense and worshiping idols and images of Mary and Jesus on the cross as the Catholics do.  It's not the forcing of giving money to the church or even going to church on a Sunday.  In fact Christ said that anyone that forces you to give through guilt or embarrassment is committing a sin.  Tythes should be given freely and from the heart to the poor, not the bloody church.

In fact gentiles, as we are, were never told to give a tythe of 10%.  God told the Israelites to give 10% of their harvested food to the Ethiopians because the Ethiopians at that time had no land of their own and therefore could not feed themselves.  Nowadays many churches say one should give 10% of their money to the church.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say give money to the church.

If we want to tythe then go to the local supermarket and put extra goods in your basket when buying for yourself and leave them in the box at the back of the shop to be given to the poor.  Or buy a sandwich for a beggar or such.  Don't give money to the churches.

Christianity is getting weaker in the west because people simply can no longer believe in the dogma of the church, which I totally agree with, but if true Christianity became stronger then Islam would become weaker.

We are allowing Islam to become strong in our own countries, because Christianity is so weak that there is no one to fight against our governments that are deliberately brain washing our kids into popularism.

Christianity is now a dirty word, something to be laughed at and jeered at.  If you say you are a Christian then you are instantly thought to be a fanatic.   Chrisianity in Christian countries is now going underground.  How awful is that.  That people are worried about saying proudly "I am a Christian" or simply saying I believe in Christ, or talking about their beliefs for fear of being jeered at, thought strange, or even worse, fear of being taken to court for offending another persons religion or of sticking to your principles of the teaching of Jesus.

I so dread what this country is going to be like for my Great Grandchildren.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Comparing Crusades to Jihad

I think this is a must watch video for those of us that have been taught about the Crusades.  I don't think it's taught in schools today.  We were never taught that the Crusades started due to a begging and pleading of Christians for help against Muslims invading and conquering their Christian countries.   Instead we were always taught that not only was it the Crusaders that were the invading army but they started the war to force everyone to be Christian, which is ridiculous when we know that Spain, France and Italy have always been Catholic countries. 

Jihads had already taken over much of Europe, including a vast amount of Spain, and it wasn't until they reached Italy that the Crusades began in order to free the Christians across Europe.

Today in Syria it's happening exactly the same.  Jihads are invading and conquering.  What are the West, The Christians, doing?  We are fighting a defensive war over there to drive back the Jihads and free the people, just as the Crusaders did, only this time we are using bombs.  Bear in mind also, that we too are killing innocent civilians, just as the Crusaders are purported to have done.

Is it any less barbaric to bomb than it was to take up the sword?  Or is our being over in Syria justified?

Friday, 24 March 2017

Islam & Political Correctness in Christian Countries

There are certainly fanatics in all religions but I can't agree, as many say, that there are violent extremists and terrorists existing in all religions that want to kill and murder en-mass to force world domination of their own religion as Islam does.   It's not the Muslim people that are evil, it's Islam that is evil.

Until we do as Japan does, which is allow the quiet practice of Islam, but not allow the teaching of it in schools, not allow the building of mosques, not allowing them to have their own courts and such, we are going to have problems.

There is a big difference in being tolerant of the various religions, to allowing laws to be created that change the whole of a countries society.  Our PC laws allow for things to be practiced that would once upon a time never would have been allowed to happen.

Our laws and morals of this country were built and created on Christian beliefs.  Whether we are Christian or not, this country is a Christian country and as such anyone that comes to live here needs to obey our laws and not have us change our laws simply to accommodate their religious beliefs.

It's only the idiot English speaking countries such as Western Europe, America and Australia that do this.  In other words, only Christian countries.  The rest of the world totally adhere to their original way of life and laws, which is right.

It is believed that it is more Christian to be tolerant to the point of stupidity, when in actual fact it's not.  To be Christian one has to put one's nation first and allow others to put their nation first.  The nation being the peoples.

Our children of today, the 35 year olds and under, have been brought up believing in globalism but if one believes in the Christian God then one believes that God created the Nations.  If one reads the story of Babel then one knows that God hates globalism.  Globalism will take us into WW3, there is no doubt of that.

On a side note, did you know that the EU building is designed and looks remarkably similar to the Tower of Babel?

Allowing all of our laws to be changed, as they have, is simply a way for the politicians to get votes.  Propaganda convincing us of political correctness being right is also a way to get votes.  Our politicians are traitors to our country and to the people.

We are being taught that it's wrong to have our own minds and opinions for fear of being called racist.  If we continue the way we are going now, by 2030 we will be more than 50% Muslim.  Our children already lack the respect and morals that were instilled into us as children because of our forced attitude now toward leniency and tolerance in all directions.  Already because we now no longer teach our children the basics of Christianity many are turning to Islam.  Children want and need a focus.  If they don't get it, they will search for it.  If the teaching of Christianity isn't there for them, they will go elsewhere.

We are also taught now to be embarrassed of being Christian.  No other religion is embarrassed about their beliefs.  Most people that even believe they are Christians have never read the Bible or understand what Christianity is.  The English speaking, Christian countries are going to pot in a hand basket because of this.  That and the fact that we believe the propaganda of our politicians, is allowing real wickedness to happen all around us, and we are becoming more and more accepting of it as being normal.

If the people are being brought up to be embarrassed of being Christian, and children are being brought up knowing nothing of Christianity, along with a fast growing population of Muslims, then this country will, 100%, one day be Islamic.  When that happens there will be positively no tolerance for any other religion.  People will be thrown in jail or killed if they have other beliefs.  Do we really want that for our generations to come?

What is the point of being tolerant to other religions to the point of stupidity now, only to allow no tolerance in the coming future.  And it will happen.  It is the teaching and dream of all Muslims to one day spread Islam across the world.  They have tried it so many times going back into history and each time it has been the Christians that have beaten them back.  Soon there will be no Christians to beat them back.

Christianity has become far too weak due to the leanings of people nowadays towards popularism.  Popularism created by and encouraged by our political classes to gain votes.  Our children in our schools, colleges and universities are being indoctrinated with it and it's destroying our way of life.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal

Many people haven’t a clue what a reborn doll is but those that do, either love them or hate them.  They either think they are great hobby or collection or they think that only sad, lonely or crazy people own them.  Feelings seem to be strong either side of the fence.

As a hobby, mostly women, but the occasional man, create them.   That is to say they will take an old doll or a doll kit and strip all the old paint off of an old doll’s face and completely repaint the doll to look as much like a real baby as possible. This is done by many layers of paint with each layer being fired in an oven before adding the next layer.

Then they will re-root the hair by taking off the old hair or glued on wig of the doll and add strand by strand either real or nylon hair by pushing the strands through the scalp with a small tool.  This can take many days/weeks to do.

To finish the doll off, a part material and part plastic body is created and clean artist sand or small glass beads are used to create the weight of a genuine baby.

These hand created dolls can cost many, many hundreds of pounds depending on how well they are made.

The collector side of Reborns speaks for itself.  Some women buy them to collect others will attempt to make their own.

Others will buy and own only one reborn doll for many different reasons.

For their beauty and appreciation of the craft.  For the joy of buying or making clothes for it and dressing it.  Or an older woman will have one because she misses holding and cuddling her babies that are now grown up.  Another may have lost a baby or unable to have babies and just want the joy of holding one.  The list goes on. 

Some women however go way overboard and spend a small fortune on clothes, cots, prams, car seats etc., as well as even taking their “Baby” with them wherever they go.  They will even sit them in a supermarket trolley in the seat for a baby.

Unfortunately when the media picked up on this new Reborn doll craze a few years ago, they deliberately sought out those that spent a fortune on either a collection of dolls or on buying baby equipment and clothes, and created documentary programmes on these women.   Because  of this people that own Reborns are often verbally abused and jeered at.  They are called crazy, and are told things like, go and work in a nursery, foster or adopt a child and so on.  But the favourite term for these women seems to be “Sick”.

What the media don’t show are alzheimer patients being calmed in hospitals and homes by holding one of those dolls.  Or of even professional women with high powered jobs finding that coming home and spending 20/30 minutes holding a Reborn relaxes them after a really stressful day.  They don’t show the women that enjoy the dressmaking or knitting for the dolls.

With all hobbies or collections there are those that will go way over the top in the money they spend, and will bankrupt themselves before giving up their passion. 

Often asked is, “why do grown women want to play with dolls” - But the question of “why do men want to play with toy trains” or “why do men want to play with toy sail boats”  Or “fly toy planes” is never asked.

I, myself have a doll.  I bought her because I love dressmaking and knitting which I hadn’t done since my daughter was very young.  Not having the space to dress-make large articles once day I had the idea of making dolls clothes.  It would be fun and very cheap and give me something to do in the winter when being stuck indoors more.

So I looked on the web for a doll that was a reasonable size to make reasonable sized clothes for.  Aiming to spend about £40 to £50 on one I searched on the web and by accident I came across articles about Reborn dolls.

I then spent hours on the web that day actively seeking them out.  I found them fascinating.  I even got as far as watching Youtube videos of them.  But there was no way I was going to spend a fortune on a doll just to make clothes for that I could become fed up with after a few weeks.

So back I went looking for a reasonable priced doll.  I then came across a site that sold what they called “So Truly Real” dolls.   These dolls were gorgeous.  Not quite as realistic as a Reborn doll but never the less a lot more realistic than a doll bought in a toy shop.  The prices I thought were very reasonable.  So I bought one for a few pennies over £100.  She came the size and weight of a premature baby, weight about 5lbs.

As I suspected the dressmaking and knitting for her didn’t last that long and she now lays in her box under my bed.  One day I might take her out again and get stuck into sewing and knitting once more.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Should Donald Trump be Invited for a State Visit to the UK?

My question is, why shouldn't he be invited for a State Visit as all other U.S. Presidents have been in the past.

Many may not agree with many of his policies, but then I haven't agreed with many of our own policies.  We have had many heads of state visiting us that actually totally ignore any form of human rights and democracy and we will continue to do so.  So it's ridiculous that the fact that Donald Trump has simply temporarily closed his doors to a handful of countries should affect him being invited for a state visit.

I do actually agree with him on this particular issue.  It is not Muslims he is stopping arriving on his shores, but those from countries where we all know terrorists and fanatics are actively seeking to infiltrate our own countries.  It just so happens that those countries are Islamic.  Muslims from other parts of the world are still welcome in America.

We British don't want terrorists and fanatics in our country, but due to being part of the E.U. we have no choice in the matter.

It's very hypocritical of some British people objecting to Donald Trump coming on a state visit when we have just voted to leave the E.U. in order to be able to pick and choose who we allow in.

What some don't seem to realise is that we are at war.  War calls for drastic measures.  Our top priority should be to protect our own.  During the world wars we didn't allow people from enemy nations to come over willy nilly and set up home.  In fact those that were already here were rounded up and put in camps for the duration.  Trump is simply enforcing a travel ban from those countries that at the moment are the most dangerous to American security.

On this issue I back him all the way.